Chart Your Path to Financial Freedom


Chart Your Path to Financial Freedom Your Roadmap to Financial Sustainability in Your Freelancing Business with  

Stephanie Newman Founder of Writing on Glass

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Tuesday, September 25 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT  

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Thursday, September 27 7:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM PDT  

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Hi! I'm Stephanie. 

And I'm passionate about helping creative women find the freedom they deserve.

When I ask my other women what's holding them back from going all-in on their freelancing dreams, this is what they tell me: "I just don't know how do my own thing in a way that's financially sustainable."

Oof. I hear you. That used to be me a few years ago, when I felt stuck in my corporate job and too scared to make the leap to freelancing. Why would anyone pay me? Would I be signing up for the starving artist life?

Now, I've been freelancing for two-and-a-half years, and I've learned that most freelancers follow a specific path to financial freedom. In this live workshop, I'll be sharing the exact roadmap that I (and so many of my entrepreneurial friends) have followed to go from $0 to 5-figure months, again and again. 

I'm SO excited to share my tactics with you on this webinar. Can't wait to see you live!  

What You'll Learn in 60 Minutes

  • The 3 types of income you need in your freelancing business (and which ones to focus on first)
  • Why you don't know how much money you'll make each month, and how to change that
  • Whether to charge hourly or flat fee for your freelancing projects
  • How to overcome the myth of the corporate sellout vs. starving artist
  • My recommended resource for learning how to set your rates, negotiate, and continue building out your sustainable business